Henrik Eriksen


  1. Office Andreas Tingulstad business cards, using a prerelease of Futwora by Think Work Observe



  2. The newest member of the family



  3. Made a gif for Simon.


  4. A short demonstration of the Sound of Black Denim machine.


  5. Made these three ads for Norlis Antique Books.
    They ran in the May issue of Aftenposten K.


  6. Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  7. Printing business cards for White Rabbit.



  9. Some images from the RESONANCE launch.


  10. Anti Denim has launched RESONANCE, a collaboration with Stephen O’Malley from SunnO))).
    In addition to the ltd.ed. collection we’ve also built a robot that translates live sound to print on textiles.

    I’ve been working as an Art Director and designer on the project.


  11. In January and February I’ll be working at Anti Design in Oslo with a bunch of cool projects.
    Firs up, the 666 Art Project by Anti Denim. Read all about it 



  13. The 2012 calendar I designed last year.
    2013 coming soon. 

    #Akzidenz Grotesk Next Pro   


  14. Hah. Just found this picture of a mind map I made while working
    on my degree project at Beckmans. Brings back memories…


  15. My first ever large format photo. Ignore the chemistry fuck-up.